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The idea of codes in the Bible stems from Kabbalah (the legit one that is). Some Kabbalists like Bachya, Cordovero, etc... mentioned them in their writings:

"...The first written reference to an equidistant letter sequence was written by Rebbeinu Bachya in the mid 1200’s. He writes in a cryptic footnote in his commentary on Genesis the following:
“If the eyes of your heart will be illuminated, you will find here precisely the code number that I mentioned above. It is encoded into the text in such a way that between each of its four letters lie 42 invervening letters. The wise will understand that this is not by chance, but a clear sign involving the very birth of the world.”"

The idea of concealed codes in the Torah is found in the mesorah. In the sixteenth century, Rabbi Moshe Cordovero wrote [in his work Pardes Rimonim] of the hope that in the end of days, the hidden codes in Torah would be revealed. Most people consider the idea of Torah codes so extraordinary that they are not inclined to give it any credence whatsoever without extraordinary evidence.

"The secrets of our holy Torah are revealed through knowledge of combinations, numerology (gematria), switching letters, first-and-last letters, shapes of letters, first- and last- verses, skipping of letters (dilug otiot) and letter combinations."

An interesting code was found by Rips and rabbi Glazerson suggesting the codes will help "reconstruct" the original Kabbalah (as it was given by God indeed):

Scientific article written by 3 Israeli scientists (one is a world class mathematician and his name is Dr Elyahu Rips: that has been published in the professional journal Statistical Science in August 1994:

In 1988, Professor Eliyahu Rips already published an example of clustered Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, Vol. 151, Part I ('88), p 165. (see also:

Several new scientific papers have been published recently:

For other (and older) papers and articles:

One can watch an illustrated summary lecture by Dr Rips and Art Levitt (2 Israeli reseachers) here:

For the main excerpts from a 23 January 2005 presentation:

Codes found in the Aramaic NT:

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New Study Undermines Skeptics' Main Objection to Codes

"Data Integrity Patterns of the Torah"in pdf format by Kevin Acres author of CodeFinder software.

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HOLY BIBLE By Joan S. Voss - Bible Codes article originally published in FATE magazine.

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