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Exodus 2006

I did a search for "Exodus" codes in the Torah - my Bible Codes 2000 software provides the translation used here, the Hebrew name for "Exodus" the second Book of the Torah. In Hebrew the title literally means something like "book of the names".
On running the search the software predicted, from statistics, that it would be found twice in a search of all skips up to the maximum 50,800 - which is as far as you can spead the letters and stay inside the Torah.
In fact, 11 are found but 7 occur in the ordinary text - so there are 4 that are codes instead of the expected 2. They occur with these skips 5,636, 22,770, 23,130 and 31,762
This is the one, at a skip of 22,770, that first caught my attention:

So, 1 of the 7 examples in the text starts on the next letter beside 1 of the 4 coded examples. The intersection is in Numbers 1:22 where it says "the number of the names". The "Exodus" running vertically goes from Exodus 12:37 down to Numbers 26:38.

The Hebrew year date for our year 2006 is "5766" - which is commonly abbreviated to '766. A search for that year in this matrix produced a spectacular result.

I sent this to Al Sutton and he noticed that the both the dates had a letter in front that extended their meaning:

There is one other "Exodus" code, from the 4 that were found, that also contains 2006 - at a skip of 23,130:







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