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Sign in the Sky

The Sign of the Coming of the Son of Man: -A vision as recorded by Haniel

…I saw that the waters of the earth were displaced. Terrible storms affected the seas and waves consumed great ships. It seemed as if the oceans were angry. I saw many lands flooded by the raging waters, and the things of man were swept away, with desolation remaining in many areas and water settling in areas where there before had been great cities.
Then I saw in the distant sky what appeared to be a red cross, and I marveled at this sight. I was then distracted by a Hispanic woman who had been next to me. She spoke some words in Spanish and then held tightly to the cross hanging from a chain around her neck. I said to her; “This is the sign of the coming of the Son of Man.” She knelt where she stood and cried to the Lord from her heart many things that I cannot repeat. I knelt with her to comfort her. Then, I looked again into the heavens and wondered at this amazing sight, for it was truly the sign.
Many believed that it was not the sign, and said that it was just a star or a planet, for fear consumed them and they did not wish to believe the truth and such things as have been spoken by the prophets or even Jesus Christ. They closed their eyes that they would not see, and turned again to the things that would comfort them even in their wickedness. This is all that I have seen this day.






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