Bible Codes on topics related to the "End Times"  

Scriptural End Times
Times of the Nations - Day of the Lord
The father of the fall is an anvil, for the King of Tyre, by the Hamel.
The evil ones of Armageddon.
Insight of Noah's Ark upon the mountain. - In the end of days I will bring back!
Whore of Babylon - For Bush they are consumed, repent!
Come here Elijah! - The world is the place of burning and God created the mourning..
The beginning of "the Time of the End".
There will be terror - at the end of days
Woe! People of Mine in 2010, value the "Woe!". It is what the Day of the Lord measured.
Woe is you, People of Mine, destruction.
And here to, the Lord looked at the nations. The death in 2010; a menace invaded. They became soft, woe! And a law made blood to the people.
For He declares the day of affliction, Armageddon, holocaust of the enemies!
Armageddon: Assad Holocaust
Armageddon - Day of the Lord

The Armageddon of His people.
Armageddon - Time of the Abomination
Armageddon is a vision.
God strikes the "peace and security".
Fire of the Seven Seals. You will shoot an instant.
Babylon the Great is a city for her.
From the Demon is the iniquity and the Great Whore.
Babylon is for the demon, he is the ruler for the Order of Death.
Angel of Death.
Fourth beast.
The 6th Angel
Arrival of the 6th angel from amongst God
The time of trouble is from God. - To him holocaust of God.
Wrath of the lamb - Day of the Lord
Judged, The Day of The Lord; the Demon's knowledge.
Satan, "Prince of the World", and "God of the Light": "God of two days".
He spared, and the opressed one, ah! A wave in the time, they are your people, and His time. And in them woe! The Most High judged: The Day of The Lord, who is the Lamb. And acknowledge the Light and the wonder of the dove.
In the tribulation - All the sinners of my people shall die by the sword that say " the evil will not overtake nor confront us".
Coming from the Day of Christ
The western world moaned from the Hand of the Lamb
A decay of God is the threshing of the dying Europe - anti-Messiah - for truth; I am to him a magician
He who is cradle of the Mark. "Ten of ten" is Bush; in him the god who is the gateway to Sheol.
The Altar of Babylon is USA
The Third Temple is a horror.
Abomination of desolation
The Abomination that causes Desolation
You do not know
Day of Judgement
An enemy for Jesus; and in His testament - Enemy in 2005
The exile will end, the master will come
He confounds Jerusalem; out of foolishness. To rule from cloud to the meadow.
And, quivering like a leaf; the nations of the world saw the Lamb.
Rev 6:12 codes - "6th seal" and "Black Sun"
5th trumpet
A great desolation of My People

The Chip and the Mark of the Beast
Thick, the ram of burden; biometrics
The Beast
In 2007, Mark of the Beast.
A subcutaneous chip - 666 is it's name.
The chip is a blemish, the Mark of the Beast!
"Behold, living creature! A chip is mark 666", rejoiced sorcery's god; "a heap of ruins in her".
Mondex - Cursed chip. Oh! A calamity in my hand shall come
Flowing of the hand. Monsanto is for the beast. The chip moved and the stain is for it.
They discovered the microchip!
666 microchip - mark for the soul
Microchip; mark my hand
The microchip Mark
He deals bitterly with death. Trampled, the cursed mark, and you, who are alert, explained it to the dead one.
Rottenness! Who? A chip in 2006; because, son, it will blister.
Their chip, son, expel The Mark!
The Mark of the Beast is a vanity.
The mark of Shiva.
They have made for me the Mark of the Beast. They have judged thus.

Mark of the Beast
The ruin will remove the Lord in you. The Mark is a radiance, a vapour of gas, a precipice. In me, cursed is the core of the Verichip
The core of the Mark is lithium
Declaration by The Highest! Do not visit Basel; and here, son, the 666 is a living torment. It is by that it is the Mark of Satan. Buy and do not shine in the light!
It will be feared; fear for all is an atomic holocaust. A chip with me. Let it subtracted be! I say; "You will buy bitterness, son!"
What about God's Will on the 'Year of Glory'? A signal: "He will plague the Mark". We will be numerous, so be calm!
He is repeated. He is irradiating. Slipping, DCLXVI (666), he is prepared, they respond.
Who am I? A mountain will be crumbled avoiding the effect of chip and vapor; because a market made abomination is his power. He who be cursed: the glory of an ulcer.

You will proceed to an atomic holocaust, repent - North Korea version
Russian Army - Invasion of
You will proceed to an atomic holocaust. Repent!
In month 71, the mob came.
Operation Bite!
Confirm! The Operation is coming, you will vanish - like the flame of Iran.
Dark is the war in 2010
Rumour in the land; the sign, indeed!
Holocaust, atomic.
You are worn out; bear up, you shall smite! World War.
People; he will atone. The fire is for him.
I shall curse the war of the End of Time.
The atomic holocaust, repent! You will come; he will destroy.
World War
Aged, World War
The World War
Into World War
Third World War
World War
And, poor me, shall you give a promise China? In 2006 shall you be still? Hey! They shot shots!
The War
Atomic 2010
He will strike, a heap is Iran. They will be destroyed, end of the tree!
Iran will destroy. - Holocaust, hand of Bush
Iran will be destroyed: Fire by God
That Iran will be destroyed
(The country) of Iran will be destroyed.
Iran will be destroyed
Destruction of Iran
George Bush - Iran
America, which is destroyed
Destruction of America
Holocaust of America
Holocaust of America - from the atom to me
"Holocaust of the Temple" codes
The people's Temple is threatened. Bitterness for the people of the Lamb of God.
Atomic Holocaust - Dreadful
Atomic Holocaust
Atomic Holocaust
And he perished, from Lybia, know, a missile against My people
Nuclear - the father with the son moves; the USA hit.
Atomic bomb

Atomic Artillaryman
12 Elul fear - woe for the atomic

Weather and Earth Events
A name for God; Hurricane Ike.
Floods - You will be warned; Iowa is for the dead.
5 Tishri 5766 (8th Oct 2005) - the earthquake
December 2005 - Earthquake
I confirm. He increases the warming.
Storm Wilma
Destruction of the Storm Wilma. - They will evacuate the living. Day of the destruction.
He called the storm Rita; God is for her.
New Orleans
He sets in ruin: Katrina. I am expecting, and gold, of them, the people. They came to end expectation.
The coast of USA where God cursed. Yes son, a curse are My Words.
Ophelia is destruction; and they produced a crashing of the joker. Rise up, you, awaken! My Words are speaking here.
Ophelia - hurricane
in 2005 - Earthquake in Mexico
Earthquake and tsunami in Asia
December 26th, candles of the demon.... waters shall overflow the hiding place
Tsunami in Asia (on another website)
The August hurricanes will be ten. Let that August be darkened. Living a signal; surely of God. Let it be applied; a strong desire. Who, lamb, is demanding payment? It will be.
Hurricane Charley
Hurricane Frances
Hurricane Frances
Typhoon in Japan
Hurricane Ivan
Hurricane Ivan
Hurricane Ivan
Hurricane Jeanne
Destruction of Albuquerque
Iran Earthquake codes

Comets and Asteroids
An asteroid is coming, curse the mud!
The comet is an object. - McNaught
Apophis arose alas!
2010 the calamity - an impact of a great rock - an oncoming of a mountain of rock
And a word I give: At any time, a star, in 2010, shall light up the water.
Asteroid - A mountain, in the cold, lying in ambush.
Cosmic - A command and all will happen. - And a rock came.
Lancer, of the comet of the USA, hurry ! Father’s sentence; I will calibrate the step.
Rocks fell down. - In me, I tremble, the sky, look! - All the wrath of the Time of God will be there.
And there is a rock; it is cursed for you.
Ocean strike

Atlantic Ocean - The repercussion of the impact will make noise.
The Atlantic of glad fire.
In the hill of the Atlantic.
In the Atlantic
Impact into the sea
Sign in the sky
Signs in the sky
Sign in the Sky
Burden of the comet.
Cosmic - Please! Year 2010 what? - Comet, enemy from.
Cosmic - Year 2010 from the Son of the Lord. - The jackal; a comet.

Cosmic plan. - Premature death and year 2010.

Cosmic; wretched. - Meager year 2010 - God, year 2012, God.   
Cosmic. - In year 2010, to judge. - The one impact and the cloud.
Comet impact
The comet impact
Comet impact
Comet impact
Comet impact
2012 - Comet
2012 - extinction
Incoming Asteroid
Incoming Asteroid
Incoming Asteroid
Incoming Asteroid
Asteroid dust
The planetoid body will return
Dark Star
Learmonth - (Learmonth Observatory Australia)
Apophis - Asteroid

For the fireplace of Yellowstone. - They were cast into the lake of fire.
Yellowstone - this place appeared dead, waited for 2010
Incandescent Yellowstone mount
My grandioseness in him, Krakatoa
Mt Rainier
Affliction of the Saint Helens

Earthquakes, Tsunami, Poleshifts, Famine
World-wide famine - Sign in 2009 - Iranian cloud
World-wide famine; the West is naked. - In 2008, from the Father, are the signs, fast!
World-wide famine - In 2008, from the Father, are the signs.
World-wide famine - In 2008, from the Father, are the signs.
A great famine; shelter yourselves My people!
There will be a great famine. - He pitched a tent as a witness for you in 2008.
Strike on 7 Iyar - Sichuan
Beichuan - An earthquake threatened.
He will speak: You will sink Atlantis! A breach, repent! Its prostitute is in the water!
12th April 2010
In the sea; a shifting of the crust.
Curse of the nest; a tsunami!
Your nest is a vapour; a tsunami!
Groan of the Earth, but in the depths.
Groan of the Earth.
Great catastrophe in 2010; bitter for those who are there. - The axis heaved; you changed a mountain into six arcs.
Reversal of the Pole; the sufficient burden.
And watchful, trampled, a melting. What should be said "rotation of the world's axis" with wisdom.
And an instant defrost of Earth; you see all of the Garden.
Drought in the USA
She will fall; drought of the USA.
Shrieking of the Earth.
Rebelliousness of the sunrise.
New Madrid
Great Earthquake
Great Earthquake






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