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Code by Fab (2nd May 2008)

Prayer of Bentley - he will do wrong.

Done on request and was found in the Torah using the following spelling "T. Bentley" and the best meeting of "Bentley" and "Todd" for the name of a new revivalist preacher called "Todd Bentley":  
His official website:  

Some critics:  

The term "T. Bentley" was found at minimal skip of + 19, and could be extended to "T. Bentley is (or of Baal) is (or of) their lamp", the following term was also found in the same matrix "Satan is commander/captain/leader/chief (or key) of the door". The best meeting for "Bentley" and "Todd" was found at minimal skip of - 11 for the main term "Bentley" (which could be extended to "prayer of Bentley", I also noticed on the same string, and separated by just one letter, the following term which could be read in reverse "he will do wrong (or he will condemn"), and + 10 for "Todd".






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