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T. Bentley, of Baal, is their lamp - Satan is the key of the door.

Done on request and was found in the Torah using the following spelling "T. Bentley" and the best meeting of "Bentley" and "Todd" for the name of a new revivalist preacher called "Todd Bentley":  
His official website:  

Some critics:  

The term "T. Bentley" was found at minimal skip of + 19, and could be extended to "T. Bentley is (or of Baal) is (or of) their lamp", the following term was also found in the same matrix "Satan is commander/captain/leader/chief (or key) of the door". The best meeting for "Bentley" and "Todd" was found at minimal skip of - 11 for the main term "Bentley" (which could be extended to "prayer of Bentley", I also noticed on the same string, and separated by just one letter, the following term which could be read in reverse "he will do wrong (or he will condemn"), and + 10 for "Todd".






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