Bible Codes about Current Events

IBM Roadrunner
Roadrunner on the evil song
As a renown people into the chip of their extraterrestrials.
The Beast is Rome, to God, and is gentile, and a sign
Freemasonry is wickedness, from the evidence.
We will hit President Kennedy. - Audible is their conspiracy
From God; the Beast. - The Empire
The Empire; hand of the Nazi.
By the Dragon; the Empire.
The tree of Rome is the beast.
God set a time for the great plundering.
The great plundering, of the cult, is a teacher for the proud.
They punished hundreds with the great plundering of the banks.
The great plundering is a famine. - The great wealth of the West.
Bankers from Babylon the Great
Straw in the fire; the Illuminati.
From the houses of - the subprimes - you will be financed
Come now, you rich men!
Come now, you rich men! By fire I will judge.
Bloody was Gladio
The global crisis is a conspiracy, we will be threatened
Alas! The global crisis was financed
The iniquities of the lofty, are in the global crisis of the cult.
Against them will be the credit crisis. Threatening is the great plundering.
You are seeing the evil eye of the prophet.
Torture is iniquity.
In money and in gold - Rockefeller
We will behave disgracefully, Obama.
Description according to the panic of 2008
Evil economic crisis
Evil economic crisis
The stock market crisis is economic.
Stock Market crisis - Economic; a fire from God.
He will put to death Wall Street.
Economic pit
Amero currency; they shall experience 666 upon them.
Amero currency is the measure of a religion.
Amero currency failed.
The Plan is an injustice against them. - Paulson panicked them.
Paulson - The evil for them: The Plan.
Paulson is suitable. - Plan - And the seven years of famine began to come.
We will be depressed; in 2009 is the peak.
Suitable, you will crush (with) a financial crisis.
The crime P.S. Bush did.
Lovers of money
Politicians are of the demon, yea. With the right and - with the left. The princes are for the deceit.
Against the people; for the politicians.
Against God is the Priory of Sion; his religion.
You shall see a fire against the 'Davos Forum', a foundation.
World government; and evil was.
The "White Brotherhood"; they altered.
To Him a psychopath
Bill Gates; imminent is the threat!
My abhorrance is for her; the World Bank you put into effect.
Warn! It will be known, Gary Webb. - From the enemy was murdered!
Those rising against me are in the Fourth Reich, for me the tribulation!
Illumination; so the seven mountains to the high one committed fornication.
Rennes-le-Chateau. Wealthy is the mountain. - It's name is an embezzlement.
The Illuminati stink!
Allah is a pitfall Solana.
Death of Solana; Babel investigated.
The Son cursed Solana. - Death is dreadful.
Who made up the "all-seeing eye of God"?
The beast is the Trilateral Commision.
Bilderberg Group
Power of Bilderberg
I will weed Bilderberg from the lodging.
Among clay is Bilderberg. - And poisonous; a cage, which is his chip.

The Bohemian Grove; intelligence of the know-how.
Bohemian Bonefire
Club of Rome - Altar of Baal
Club of Rome. - Concerning the 10 horns that were on it's head.
The Babylonians of the Club of Rome
The tree is rising. The Babylonians of the Club of Rome.
European Union
The religion in the European Union is harsh.
From the terrors we will grow; European Union
The European Union. - For Satan, fellow of the beast.
Brotherhood of Darkness; of the Euro.
Rising of the Schengen Agreement from the separation.
You have fornicated in the Schengen Agreement.
Postpone thus! Eurabia! - Fake of a woman, discern!
Opus Dei
Opus Dei
The Priory of Sion
Freemasonry is evil; from the evidence. - Daughter of Belial.
Freemasonry, they trampled, they brought down.
Brotherhood of Darkness
The fire of God is for the UN
The Religion of the Beast, they stretch out, and where there is a "bird"; those are the 666 people.
Freemasonry - They burnt their children in the fire as sacrifices to Adrammelech.
Cannabalism is thick, I will vow - to Baal they are sacrificing.
For fearfull bitterness; the Religion of Satan
Here is sheep! Is the Synagogue of Satan? Come to the Lord!
Synagogue of Satan - Bearer of the cult of Bush.
Synagogue of Satan, the religion, Nathan's teacher; a calumny he prepared in it.
The Holy Grail is the mother of the idol - the witness of Baal

4 Elul '767 (18 August 2007)
6th April 2007: He swallows up. - He consumed them, the bright men of the cult.
Friday 9th Sept 2005; committed a crime of blood, for this he will fire.
8th Nov 2005, a furnace, in him a herald of disorder
8th Jan 2006 - He removed for the terror, day of night for the UN code found in advance by Fab
9th September 2005; a melting caused you to shrink. They desired a descending cold. code found in advance by Juan
In Me, for the 18th February 2006. He fulfilled My cross.. code found in advance by Fab
The treachery of Iran against the people of God is an impediment. A cold truth.. - From God, March 5th, 2006
The 23rd of May 2006, He judged! - It shall be an evil time in that day.
23rd May 2006
Man is for him, and the heart of 23 May 2006. My laws.
Man of heart; curse the embittered 2006 for us, please!
Heart that is like of 3-May-06, laws the 70.
4-May-06- His might dilutes all the blood in me. Drowsyness in me because of the heavenly might.
1st August 2006 is for the day.
Violent 3rd August 2006
He will bring upon His enemies, 3rd August 2006; and they heaved.
Aggression, 3rd August 2006, and 50, according to the world. - When scoundrels mouth piece, and nations, to his nation, hear my heart that is equal.
Aug 3, 2006
August 3rd 2006
4th August 2006 - Day of the sign.
8th August 2006, a fire like a terror.
15th August 2006 - Shadow of death; dead is the great bear that is hot in the shade of his plunder.
22 August 2006 - As a woman of spring cut down God today.
28th August 2006
2006 established mourning - my fasting one lay waste!
His jewel and the stone; thus. - In 2006 the proof; the language in my jewel.
In 2005; destruction
In 2004

United States
His evil is Guantanamo
Obama and his assassination; or the head in the shadow .
FEMA Camps. You will set up.
FEMA Camps. - In the USA, their goddess
Camps of the USA. FEMA for them.
For the captivity are the camps of the USA. It will be according to FEMA
Riots in 2010
They broke her. I will judge, I will burn in America.
USA; in 2010 a disaster.
Revolution, in the USA, is their time of trouble.
From the back, B. Obama was killed; you committed a crime.
Ron Brown
A site which is Romulus for me, aliens and that one who is not.
Deceit of S. Palin.
S. Palin is arrogant.
S. Palin's heart is for the demon.
Sarah Palin - He will cause her to fall.
They will afflict with hardship, Sarah Palin, we will be filled up.
Nuclear - The USA helped the strike.
Judgement of America
Mega Terror - by the hand of America - atomic that one
The Beast is M. Romney.
Against him they will shoot; L. Farrakhan!
By the lofty Baal; be fruitful! The Dollar will fall. - Desolation of Nod.
Waterboarding is lawlessness
Violative is waterboarding, to me; you will be sprayed
Degrading is waterboarding
B. Obama will be selected.
Shooting of Obama - 2008 President
H. Clinton is your enemy. - In the calamity is the evil. - Thus: a foundation for the master is in her!
2008 President (Hillary matrix)
2008 President (McCain matrix)
Suspicion of an Obama assassination is in him, as in them, what a pity for your wickedness; this is the cult!
Resevoir of cleanness, Ron Paul is good
Extend! From Yah a light; Barack Obama is the death!
From 2010. Holocaust of America, a desolation!
United States
The Statue of  Liberty
The Dollar will fall. - Desolation of Nod.
God is in the destruction of America.
For God; the United States! .
You will bury. - America, He condemned.
Thus; witnesses of Me, for Me, Mark of Me: America listening.
Breakdown; a trap. - From the USA, the anger of the blow.
You will transgress in New York. Unclean!
For you, God will destroy the United States. Where? - From USA westward.
Of United States: Let us cause disgrace to who will cause evil.
I shall pierce the USA
USA is Babylon 666

Swine Flu - In your nostril; Smith manufactured
Alzheimer to occupy the dying.
Swine - by the plague they died
Extinction of the bees. Yah cursed!
Cannabis - the medicine with the beautiful characteristics, please.
Bitter herb: Marijuana.
H5N1 Flu
Flu - epidemic - became that the bird, a vessel....
For measure; the Bird Flu is raised.
Raze the birds! - Arrival of my poison like a chipping.
Ebola virus - Man, you will repeat three times; hearing!
AIDS plague 2010
Cure for hemophilia; to grow weak as wood.
You inherited the cure of hemophilia.
From you is the cure for hemophilia. From the Sabbath.

Rose daughter of Marie.
Defender who shall not be seen. - Our Shabak is an enemy!
Yitzhak Rabin - The minister will be murdered - for the Shabak financed
Annapolis; helpful? Hardly!
The speech they removed: "Shoah" for the Arabs
A bigger holocaust
I will prophecy from God: On the 5 Iyyar 5708 (14th May 1948).
The holy war is bitterness; fire is their rock!
Right of return; the magician of Babylon is the power who coordinated my distress.
"Peace Now" is a vanity.
"Peace Now", they reinforced the suffering!
Made a king, a rejection of incitation, and for us, and he spoke of hospitality. A destruction of the land of Israel, a time of misfortune.
Homewards - Jerusalem - Acknowledgement.
The rebellion is in Jerusalem; the spirit! - He declares: For her is the fire of Babylon; Yah!
20 Av '766 (14th August '06)
I am totally destroying Jerusalem.
Sharon was stricken with illness. - The brain is dead.
Kadima - His party; he broke. - Sharon; it will be made to touch.
Party of - Sharon
A Sharon - He is hospitalized to confuse.
Ariel Sharon
Ariel Sharon - when comes 666, I am in realisation.
Ariel Sharon - his might is the debt of the nation.
Ariel Sharon
Ariel Sharon
Sharon government - Satan runs
Death of Ariel Sharon
Ariel Sharon
Ariel Sharon
The wild son of the mountain jackal.
The Nation, the Eye of God, in him.
Cloud is his shadow. Will disable his Aram and the walls.  -  My candle, the mountain of my circumcision in the night, his might will survive.
Moshe Karadi
Shimon Peres lied.
"as a breach ready to fall"
The Third Temple
Destruction of the Al Aqsa mosque
Abu Mazen (Abbas) - head of the PLO - at the end of days
Sharm-el-Sheikh ceasefire agreement
Road Map
Road Map
Road Map
Road Map - code in English text
The Road Map will be set - vain, cold, fraud.
Bitterness of Gaza. One mocking, "I shall change"; and to him the fire.
The Oslo Accords are like nothing for the blindness. Enemy of God
Malice - ruin of Oslo

In Auschwitz
Auschwitz - Fire will spread out on the Jews.
The Oath they erased - The Jews they oppressed.
"Jewish Oath"; Levi was despised.
Holocaust deniers, refute them!
A holocaust in 2010, thus!
Why the holocaust?
Vengeance of the Covenant. - Germany - Amalekites
The Holocaust
Holocaust denial
Adolf Hitler
King of the Nazis. He will practice witchcraft.
Swastika - memento - Amalek
Crime of Auschwitz.
Crematorium for my sons. - Auschwitz.
In the bitter sea of Auschwitz.

Karl Marx is an enemy.
M. Cordovero
Prayer of Bentley - he will do wrong.
T. Bentley, of Baal, is their lamp - Satan is the key of the door.
Saint Germain changed God.
Curse T. de Chardin!
Gilad Shalit
In them; hatred of Eldad Regev.
You, Eldad Regev - NWO lamb
Gilad Shalit
From his mother by smiting, R. Weinland; is it not enough?
Proper is R. Weinland; God!
Profane is P. H. Kolvenbach my people.
Al Gore - Here is a president!
Mike Huckabee
Billy Graham
For the wrath is Jacques Lacan without the symbol.
Sarkozy wondered for his coterie.
The enemies of Shi Tao.
J. Cameron - He cast God!
J. Cameron to threaten to move it.
Their master is a wicked one; do what is required Aaron Russo!
They will capture Aaron Russo, a mark!
Rothschild; reverse a cascade of secret! - Why is he an abomination?
Rothschild's pride: they were not destroyed.
The fool refuses the rebellion of Yah. For her the sorcery; they will cause to mislead, from David Icke to the people.
The rest for Saddam. Where is the ruler?
Exhausted light, from the cloud of the nation; Pelosi.
Hostility of David Gergen
For the revenge: David Gergen.
The Enemy of God is for David Gergen.
A. B. Culverhouse - mighty mother 666; not like a briefcase.
Cursed is Jacques Chirac, he is against Yah!
Milosevic is dead.
Rise up against Patrick Moore!
John Lennon who departed - he was murdered for nothing; emnity!
Paul Hewson (Bono from U2)
Nero Caesar broke a non-secret!
Mouth of a shadow, Johnny Cash! Bitterness for you. - In me, is God to spell.
The omen she defused, proverb, unto her another tabernacle built. - Belonging to Hillary, going chief.
A. Crowley is addictive.
A. Crowley is depraved.
The debauchery, of A. Crowley, is a door, to Yah.
Come close to be warm, Jack the Ripper contributor. - Course of study; doctor.
The Father will confirm: A villain, is Barbara Bush; from God!
Rabbi Schneerson
Ivan Panin. Yah is seven.
The brake of Alfred Kuen. - He summons the world of the pastors, he anoints!
And what is Bongiovanni?
No, I am in him. Weishaupt came to an end.
Ron Wyatt - evil falsehood
Ron Wyatt - provoker
Dalai Lama
Maitreya is lofty.
Maitreya and prophecy, a trap!
Appoint for me Maitreya!
Maitreya is exalted. - Man of Baal..
He threatened God! Maitreya!
Fire of E Cayce
Edgar Cayce
J Dixon is bad
In God's people Sherry Shriner is a dummy.
Sherry Shriner; rebellion is not a nonsense for her.
Alex Jones - conspiracy the expectation
Anton LaVey
"F. Castro" codes
C Manson
Dan Brown
A code about King Ahasuerus (Book of Esther)
He subdued the fury of Jacques de Molay.
Ron Hubbard
Ron Hubbard, enemy of the house.
Bill Lloyd
Who is pretuabo?
Death of Ilan Halimi
Murder of Halimi
Clouds reduced, aha! fresh season, M L King to liberate; negator of woes.
R. Hariri
Rafsanjani came.

J. Bolton
Paul Bremer
Terri Schiavo - exhausted she died code found in advance by Fab. (Found on 20 March - died on 31 March)
A. Schwarzenegger - 2006
A. Schwarzenegger - he shall magnify himself in his heart.
God for the people A. Schwarzenegger is a religion
Tony Blair codes
Who is D Rockefeller?
A Gonzalez
Dick Cheney codes
L. Bush will die at night.
Your end is for the devastation, Stoiber
E. Stoiber is raised up in wonder
Go Stoiber! This is a joker of Satan.
Majesty of the speech. - Stoiber governed. - The ethics of your time.
Mahmoud Abbas is a threat. God is alive!
Saddam Hussein - Ousted, culpable, they will capture.
This enemy Bin Laden is dead in a sacred chamber, Shechem (Nablus).
You will crush the guilty Saddam and the month of Eyar will be restful
Bin Laden and the WTC
Bin Laden is guilty
"Destruction" I will name you, Bin Laden
Al Husseini
God of the people: Rav Kaduri
Rav Kaduri
Y. Kaduri
Y. Kaduri; he is?
The Rabbi Kaduri - The Kabbalist
Will become a stranger; the Rabbi Kaduri.
R Nixon a son of the rulership - his seed is for Moloch
Yassin killing 1
Yassin Killing 2
Assassination of Rantissi (2 codes found in advance by Fabrice Bect from France)
Nizar Rayan
Death of Daniel Perl
Nick Berg's death
Kenneth Bigley beheading
Like a nazi: Y. Arafat
End of the road for Arafat codes found in advance by Fab
Arafat killed
Arafat death canceled
Prince Charles
King Charles
Tsar V Putin

George Bush
Sin, crime of Bin Laden, I will be plotted; and the ruffian is Bush
Bush is guilty, and the cult you prodded.
He oppressed by Bush, servant of Satan..
n the church; Bush is not a Christian.
Pillage of Bush and Hitler.
Deceit of Bush and Hitler; admit!
They were consumed: He will write the "Scroll of Bush"
Their truth he kneaded, like an opinion of the G. Bush administration; Iran is a hint of Yah!
The lofty George W. Bush is his priest; he circumcised. - In your house is an enemy of the Lamb.
The depravity, George Bush, you will acknowledge as "good".
The End of Days is for Yah - Bush, a surprise, take a half handful of powder. Entreat the door!
G W Bush will be elected in 2004 codes found in advance by Fab (29 August 2004)
Ah! You surveyed for them a "mystery of death": G W Bush.
He will die; G W Bush - to them a death of terror.

The bloody George W. Bush is dead
Future assassination of President Bush
Future assassination of President Bush
The iniquity of George Bush. You will rise up, this is the "lofty limb".
Threat of George Bush.
He made much devastation of rebellion; George Bush.
The god of the CIA is Bush. The demon!
CIA; there is a man of the UN in you. Finance!
Bush is not a Christian.
Your glory, G. W. Bush, is an "empty of god" heart. The arrival of the 666.
A name was found guilty; he is the vanity, G. Bush is a terrorist.
The word you will fear with Me; the word of G. Bush, a terrorist that we receive.
High birth of the Horn. G Bush
1290 days - This here is more than a word, a signal; which is; armies and Bush.
Abject Bush, Prophet 666, God of Panic
Goodness! G Bush is a nazi, an idol!
Bush is the Beast 666
The terror, G Bush and Baal, the mountain with his cold god.
With an overpowering desire, they came; Satan and Bush
Bush is a son of Satan
George W. Bush
Bush is King of Babylon - our death is his fire
Bush Emperor: a perfume of the God of Evil
For a crown, as G W Bush, a heart without God, an arrival 666, a name of poor ethics.
Bush the Beast
Bush's time of terror; and the chip he circumcised is a demon like a shadow.
He fought! Is here alive! God forbid! G Bush the king!
God of Bush - Windsor
And of hot and dry weather, is their night of G. Bush and Satan, and of a cult that is numerous. Of an ancient type; it extended a heap of ruins.

War and Terror
Against the Chabad House, against the people.
Our dead that are in Mumbai - Chabad House.
First strike, against you, is a lion!
Fire of a cult, Venezuela is Rabbah, Lo! her evil.
We will divide Iran; his country trembled.
Rebellion? Not anymore! And Paris will be destroyed.
People of quarrel; Paris will be destroyed.
Carrying of the Echelon Network.
Prevent the Echelon network!
I will dissolve, and place the Geneva Accord.
Bull's eye destruction - his archers the USA.
He shall smite: death of the city of Damascus!
Salvation for the city of Damascus? No!
Islamic bomb; and they groaned.
Iranian - insertion
UNIFIL to verify.
To patrol: UNIFIL
The UNIFIL to demilitarize - Return to your house! - Grant the flock! I will buy a miracle.
Bombing of Qana; power of his army. They will moan from the strike.
A grave, the mass murder of Qana is for the demon.
In this place Lebanon
Beirut is an entrapment - death is in me - your enemies rose, all are in her, they fulfilled.
Nasrallah - and Hamas
The enemy is Nasrallah, the wire.
Hezbollah, they see the death. - Not the house of God.
In her is God, Hezbollah.
My name is a decree of God; "Hizbollah!" but to Him a hope of blood.
Knowledge, renew, you shall know in 2006, the father-in-law was knocked down. - Suddenly, from them, for us; time of emergency!
2006 - rockets - on Haifa
Terrorist acts - Bombay, who?
Another nazi somwhere; a poisonous Bin Laden.
Where is Bin Laden?
Zarqawi codes
A. Zarqawi will be put to death.
A. Zarqawi; the burnt offering.
The dreadful Zarqawi is dead.
Yah exposed the nest of media which is.
A gift: Give Jerusalem the time of the secret.
The invasion of the city.
Invasion of the city.
Invasion of the city.
Pentagon - cheat! - a kind of missile!
The devastation of Nine Eleven; a brotherhood! - Bush is in it, he will do wrong in it.
They shall be silenced. Highness of Nine Eleven.
Nine Eleven is for the ruler.
September 11 - comes from a conspiracy
The anti-semite will do wrong like he is being informed. - We will shout: "Grant Satan a world of glory!"
And his arms are now, and 60 he sets, with my candles, slowly, against me. - Iran in 2006.
For you, M. Ahmadinejad, is a grave.
You departed, Ahmadinejad, they looked to the beast.
I will consume you M. Ahmadinejad.
Ahmadinejad throw the fire.
Light from the mist; Iran is bitter. - Fire from Yah. He tarries.
Syria, 2006: embittered agreement whether you cursed the sea, is calumny! Search out, listen you, the leader.
Euphrates that is of year 5766 (2006)  
False lion is vowing Palestine navy fire.
The death. Terrorist acts.
Terrorist acts, twice! - I will be affronted in Bali.
Hiroshima is coming God. - Bowed is America.
Devastation, devastation of Hiroshima!
"The Disengagement"
Darkness of the disengagement
The disengagement of all of them.
Not a real peace.
Al Qaeda
Al Qaeda
Al Qaeda is the death
World War
World War - the Day of the Lord is at hand
Jerusalem - and the year 5766 (2006)
9 Av 766 (3rd August 2006)
New York buried
Madrid Bombings
Al Qaeda
Attack in a Russian school
Mega Terror in 2005
Time of mega-terror, they will be cooked in an oven.
London will descend - they will die - 7th July.
On 7th July; a mutiny. - They became silent; alert is London.
Military draft USA 2006

New York - Bush to function as a missile. - He guided the hand.
Shihab-3 menaced who?
Shihab-3 missile
The Shihab-3 missile came to curse.
The heart of the terrorist acts is France; to me it was confirmed.
Minutemen (bloody) - they went down to the slaughter - from Bush
Desert Storm of G Bush
Hit, and they rejoiced of Operation Yonatan. Be moved! They were the mouthpiece; he kneaded the breach.

Space Shuttle Columbia
Planet Sedna
Deep Impact, I will quantify. Who destroyed?

Aliens and Unsolved
His Angels
To the stargazer
Behold the UFO
The UFO not shall you fear.
An alien is an evil Seraph.
UFOs are Seraphim; wrath of God.
The aliens - many are the UFOs
The aliens are from above.
Extraterrestrials of Rahab. - Foe of a star came.
The aliens - The wicked ones
Aliens - Demons - Other gods
UFOs are the demons! - Aliens we will defeat are surely a door of the panic to God.
The pilot; Akon
The One speaking to the Sun
Yahweh is a UFO? He asked, to lead astray.
Cydonia is a hill. - Alas! An accident, he revealed.
Iron Vehicle - forged iron, all the work of the computer
Crop Circles
The evil of the crop circles - from the heavens and the army.
Dagon - the Nommo from Sirius
Banishment of the Saurians
Lord of the Codes
Yargans from 61 Cygni

Vow, Higgs Boson, you shall conceive.
The plane will fall
The Grizzly Bear is a lord.
The Operation Paget didn't work.
To me dark matter, and location, and or moss. No light; where is any light?
Behold! To complete, to exist there, to explore; for the Lord dark matter is the conclusion.
The lone tree
April Fool's Day; he joked.
The bitter day of Catherine Deneuve. My God! And no more idol.
Rock & Roll; I will become addicted. Sing: "It was financed!"
De Villepin failed.
Great are the Blessings of the Deep sank down.
Subliminal message.
Sign of the candle, in the video from 70 Buncefield sleepers.
The US electricity blackout
In her, poor were owed, and USA, and China. - So a conflict and a brake, all becoming a breach.
Euro Police (Europol)
Neo-Nazis; bitterness of the wicked ones
They will cheat: communism!
Harry Potter
Abortion is a crime.
Boston Massacre
DNA codes
Homosexuality codes
The Colosseum
Sense is created for him at end of conception.
The Franks
Bikini Atoll
Evolution arose in 1845
Artificial Sun
From pad imprint, evicts like discharge, that rationale mystery gas, plasma energy is set.
Being and Nothingness - Sartre; for the fame
The Shroud of Turin is spiritual
The Anunnaki
Subterfuge: the Anunnaki are falling
Life - Death
Capitalism will complain accusingly against God.
Lia-Fail code searches
Fire, evil fire upon Rabin!







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