Bible Codes about Religious Topics

Yah has opened in order to hurry, and console, and from out of opal courage: Father the life.
I am Alpha and Omega, the upright for the death.
God Yahweh Elohim is all-knowing
Eh Yeh is My Name, I AM
And who, so, is My Name "I am"?
Because it will be measured by The Lord: A religious sect is confusion still. Know, Eh'yeh is My Name of Eternity and Glory.
The Mark of God is: "The Light is My Path".
The giving of "The Light is My Path".
And who is the Father?
He will empower the mouth - the Holy Spirit
Yahweh. Here's the Lamb of God, the gift of God is a Lamb.
Acknowledge! give! hand of him, in him, to Yah, the all, the saturated holiness of Him.
The Host watch you all.

Spectator; thee are of God: From The Watchers. We will drive away from the podium "that which is discarded" and his "core".
From God, for Paul is an Apostle
The Holy Trinity is the truth.

He was familiar in his cry to the Spirit. And What? Praise us not. From Yahweh to "the man of the tree". Not; because he put to death the Pure One. It is as if (oh, that!) he would give life and reconcile this one.
In Him is all, and blessed is the Lord of the Universe.
The one placing faith in God; with abundance, is kept alive.
Oh! You will receive which is My Name, Eh'yeh, the Bread of Life.
For whom is the bread of life?
God is for all; the bread of life is a body!
To my Torah: Greek, Ethiopia-like also.
Give! God to give, godless left in foundation, death.
Origin of life: God!

Jesus Christ/Messiah
The gift he traded is Jesus, My Messiah.
Jesus didn't see corruption!
Their Door will not see corruption. He will lift up.
I will be enticed by the deceit of the Church, Jesus was made ugly! - For Rome is His Fire!
Jesus is against euthanasia.
Messiah; Son of David.
Their enemy is against me, he cut off Jesus!
You, the Son of God! - He will be struck by the Father's enemy.
Who will hurry the lion in Him Jesus Son of Jesse? - The Messiah is His stream.
Apostles of Jesus
Yahweh (is) Jesus
Jesus is the Messiah. - The Son of God fulfilled, He compartmentalized their burden.
The gift he traded; Jesus My Messiah. - They crucified God, the Mishnah was light, He rose from the dead.
The angel Michael is a fire to us. - He is not Jesus!
Crucifixion of Jesus, Yah fulfilled the Tanach!
Repent! Jesus is the Mediator
The Day of Christ is like the Day of God. - For the name; words of Christ.
Jesus burned. - The Day of Christ.
The Tomb of Jesus; mystery and burden.
In her, Jesus was born. - A slice (of bread) in Judah.
Associate in the resting of the crucifixion. - Of Jesus! Yah was aroused, Father.
The crucifixion of Jesus He illuminated.
The Messiah, Son of David. - The feet of the stranger of my mountain. It is a lamb, be joyful!
You, the Son of God!
An iniquity: Jesus didn't go. - To India.
Jesus' tomb. - In Kashmir? - In it a fraud.
The Messiah son of David. - The feet of the stranger. My mountain he conquered. Be joyful!
Alive is the brother of the lamb, the born again; life is within.
Hour of Jesus Christ
Jesus is the good shepherd God
In you all is Light: Jesus is Son of God.
He thirsted for God, while a devil who carved our container, and a bloody mast, last night in a chamber, chose also to fly. It was the end of the world, in the natural state, and to multiply the flock. There shall be calm; the Lord shall sit as a son of man to serve. The hills are roaring and woe! Because the heart is wounded he seeks his Rock. We make glad the Lord of the Son..
Who is My Messiah? - His name is Jesus, recognise thus!
Jesus is My Messiah, recognize!
Ascribe Jesus for the atonement and religion.
He seized a garment, behold, to make me a covenant of light from Yahweh, while I made his women guests sick with a delicacy steaming in the shadow. Judging by blood on a thick beam was horrifying, while Jesus Christ was baking on a pedestal of travail.
Name of the Messiah
In Me, Yeshua, Son of God
Where should the Son of God be lodged? Jesus shall blossom forth in a manger.
I am ashamed. The revelation of Jesus clothed our Lord. Speech about crushing Him sprang up. Alas for His tranquility.
Mary, the Son is holy, the Christ is alive, let's go to Him.
The Light of Jesus, here is our path.
The cult of the Father; the ressurection of Jesus.
Resurrection - Let's go to Jesus!
The Return, of Jesus the Lord, and was prophesied My Throne.
They are hurrying, son, a measure of the Law, the return of Yeshua, for now be alert of the moving sheep.
To Him, Jesus is the day of evil's judgment
I drank of the announcement of the heavens. A wise gift of God. Who is coming back? - Jesus
Jesus came in 2010. Blood on them - because this time it is true
There will be some shouts when Jesus comes in 2010; why, where? And covered, He descended on fire.
Who is Jesus? Is Adonai; for My mouth is My Name, I AM.
Jesus is the word of God
In the Blood of Jesus, this: He is obvious, the Light who came unto punishment.
Jesus is the only way!
Confirmed; Jesus is the redeemer
Jesus the Messiah
Brother Jesus
Jesus is able.
Jesus is God, is peaceful lion, is tanna.
Cry out: Jesus is Messiah; the pure Father will inherit!
Mary, the Son is Holy. The Christ is alive. Let's go to him!
Jesus the Messiah who is in God!
Jesus my Messiah, the temporary dweller.
He will illuminate. And they will come along the way. The I AM is Jesus. The mother is sad!
The Lamb Jesus is God
Jesus the redeemer. - The Lamb of God lodged.
Hour of Jesus Christ
Vengeance belongs to Jesus
As the day of vengeance belongs to Jesus; the innocent!
The religion from Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ is alive
The man Jesus broke the head.
To follow Jesus: He answers you; Yah.
Yah is the son of God, to her, God came!
Jesus is God
Jesus is God
Jesus is not God - to Satan
Jesus is the redeemer; Yahweh
For the multitude; I am the Good Shepherd!
The King of the Jews died.
Whitewashed in Jesus: The mountain came returning. - Emigrate, you tired rock of Jesus.

Bible Codes
Yah God encoded, God is truth.
Torah code which is from God.
The hidden cipher - in My Torah - they will demonstrate with certainty.
A sign of my father is "the skip" - He hid in the Torah - it was overpowered by the computer.
In God's Torah - from God is the skip - codes, search
Hand of Moses; you wrote the Torah.
Delight in spelling, keep going, it is necessary; the work for the sake of all.
Be jubilant! I will confirm the Bible Code.
From God; spell! The codes are true!
He encoded the Torah, and more.
Code of the Torah.
Yah gives the skipping of letter; the truth!
They encoded My Words there for Me. - From God are His codes.
More codes about the Torah
Jump between words; a saying, from thousands, you will construct.
Who encoded My Word? God chiselled the stone with a command of His Mouth. Woe! A hook are My Words; a fluent litany against those I will put to death.
And God is the key of my obelisk
Son of Mine, the matrix's key is for Me.
Searching for the Lost Tribes in the Bible Codes
Unto me the code to him is RAM; his thickness.
It is written that letter-words speak. Your opinion is unwanted.
Letter-words ban beauty, ornament to dedicate, to leave alone with, not.

Scriptural and Prophecy
You will resurrect like you will renew the Creation
New World, He made you beautiful.
I will praise Paul the Apostle.
Jesus is in Paul.
Blasphemy against the Spirit.
The Lord of the Sabbath.
The Lord of the Sabbath is a Lion.
A Watcher is an Angel; according to Jesus.
A Root of Bitterness
The Baptist, as chief, is not Elijah.
The Baptist, according to God, is not Elijah
The False Prophet
Here I am! Melchizedek.
Their Holy One, to me, is the King of Salem.
King of Salem
There is none that does good.
Sin is iniquity, obey the commandment for you!
Sin is iniquity, forever.
In the Sabbath is the Day of the Lord
They were stricken with illness from Yah, for Paul is an Apostle!
The Apostle to the gentiles is a son of God.
Judgment; Sword of Elam from grace.
I am the Iscariot
Come out of Babylon! For Yah is flawless.
Come out of the proud Babylon; an enemy she is.
Yah is the spirit of the vision - of Gabriel.
You shall not tempt Yah. He teaches them to be circumcised
The Apostles are His shape.
Great whirlwind
Pharaoh's slaves - People I will look at; Habiru.
Immortality of the soul - A fallacy! - A deceit!. He will arose false hopes. - Not new to me.
Resurrection of the dead.
Sons of bitter disobedience.
"There is no death" is a lie you permit.
Gift of eternal life.
Generation of The Man of Sin.
Resurrection of the dead
Saul of Tarsus stretched out space.
The Second Death is the death!
From God: Lament about the second death!
The Second Death is wicked.
My witness Paul is correct
Strong is the spiritual man
Why troubles?
The carnal mind is decadence.
The natural man.
Enmity of the natural man.
The farmer is one shepherd; in the year He rose.
Locate the other sheep! Report.
The other sheep of your heart.
You will abandon the Son of God. The Antichrist is the word of the god of fake!
Sons of Thunder
The Little Scroll
The Little Scroll
Mountain of the sons of thunder redeemed
Sons of the clear oil
Soul's immortality - a deceit, yes!
My oath because of Righteous Branch
Septennium/week (reversed) Who TAV? - righteous branch
Yah, from the army reserve comes, as a thief in the night.
He granted the martyrdom of Thomas. - Acknowledge Jesus!
On Mount Jebel Hillel they trembled.
On Jebel Hillel - They were smitten: The Speech!
For me the sign; Mary is the virgin!
Mary is the virgin. The mother will give birth.
Ben Oni, Yah is their season and you will tarry a lion.
Spell! From the decree Laodicea He smote. - An earthquake, they purified in the year.
For the sojourner in Herodion - Brother Herod
The Herodion we will nickname "he died by Yah"! - Herod was stricken by Yah.
Bride of the heavens.
I will make you fruitful.
The rod of God Yah - The Holy will come; instigation of Solomon.
He created free will of the wickedness. - Splendor of the tree is a fishhook of Yah.
Ourselves; children of the living God.
Yahweh smoothed for Joshua son of Nun, he will triple!
The Ten Commandments of the Most High.
Crucify Yah! And a downfall.
Flawless, and from above, is the Biblical canon.
The New Testament
He gave the Peshitta to Christianize.
Peshitta for the truth.
In Patmos - Written in the Book is the Word of God
The God of the New Testament
King of the Jews
King of the Jews
Guardian of the Messiah
My two witnesses.
From my two Witnesses
From God; in the Book of Hebrews, which is from the Son.
The dualism of the Bible comes from "the tree".
Dualism is scriptural; for the knowledge!
The Son of Perdition is in the vision to him, be driven away! Yah speaks, His parlance is that of a lamb
The Son of Perdition; we will be bound: The Mark! .
The Apostles are the shape of Him.
Mystery Babylon, her religion is wrecked.

Their day is the Day of Christ. - His day is a desolation; He commanded.
A convulsion in me: the New Covenant! Alive is the Commandment! - Mirror of God. Salt of Jesus. - He inserted the Speech of Yah in it!
The "great falling away". - Returning of Satan, the horror! He comes, Yah is salvation.
They are brought into desolation from the great apostasy to God and Paul.
Melchizedek, a brother to me.
The sight is the New Jerusalem, give God!
Resurrection of the dead.
The infinite day of the resurrection of the dead.
The threat. Behold, Santorini!
Alas! Babylon will be rebuilt.
Babylon will be rebuilt identical.
Who authored the Bible?
He understood from the Gospel of Judas. - A fake of men!
And it lied: Gospel of Judas. - Variety of mixture they kneaded: Satan.
Rosh Hashannah
Sound the Shofar
Sound the Shofar
Urim-Thummim codes
Unedited, the Book of Enoch
Aha! He shall exchange plans with them for the first year. Flight and lift; they lift up days of him. Woe! Book of Enoch.
Noah's Ark - Is upon the mountains of Ararat
The 24 Elders
The Tree of Knowledge
Leviathan / Behemoth / Jonah / Elijah
Apollyon - Abaddon
The Talmud
He denied the apocrypha.
Book of Jubilees; for the proud day, I will be upright.
The Flood
Original sin.
And you shall exalt; vessel to place on the Temple Mount. Outside from No, you shall come to obtain and lift up priest.
The Ark of the Covenant
The Ark of the Covenant
Birth pangs
He comes not to end the Earth...

God created Satan and the commandment thus! - The world was in pain.
To Him Baal is Satan.
Deceitful heart; the enemy is an angel of light.
I will be destroyed; the desolation of the dwelling place, of the wicked ones, is a cold valley.
Satan fell: defect!
From God: Satanism is Yah's enemy.
Satan is the father of lie. Like the Lamb I will be exalted!
Lucifer. Curse! - Son of the dawn. - Angel that destroyed the people.
Lucifer, son of the dawn.
Lucifer, son of the dawn, is guilty. The light is in God.
He feels in pain, hell is a fire.
The suffering of hell is awful.
Hell is everlasting
Dreadfulness of Hell.
Decree: Demons are spirits! - Hinder the Faith.
Demons are spirits - Of Satan the master.
What are demons? A creation!
The demon possessed; he instructs.
Descending of the demon possessed.

He released the demon possessed.
Repeat! The god of this world is it's heart.
Magic from the man of sin. To me the salvation.
Key Keeper
The Lake of Fire

Religions and Associated Topics

Rastafarian and Ethiopia
Haile Selassie
Rastafari code
Speech of Ras Tafari.
The "healing of the nations" is for you.
Yah is my mountain. The healing of the nations is in the tree.
Sight of Bob Marley's time; bring! - The Rasta is dead.
Bob Marley
Depart, My people of Babylon.
Strength of A McCracken; he is honest.
Ark of God - here I am - in Cush
Exodus 2006 code
Aksum, Ethiopia - The city of God

The burial - Does not belong to Jesus.
The Tomb - the lost is from the enemy - not of Jesus
"Left Behind" ruined them.
Theology - Replacement to give birth to - Enemy of the Jews
Alas! Easter is a goddess
First day of the week
They changed the Sabbath; he promulgated. - Inclination is their mourning.
I will survey the arrogance of the Christian.
I am watching the Seven Churches. To Levi the congregation is miserable.
The ecumenism is a vapour.
The god of ecumenism.
Sabbath Change
Sabbath change
Sabbath change
Wonder of Santa. An illustration. - Light of Babylon.
Return to give: Christmas season.
Pagan is Easter; why the woe?
L'abbé Pierre is a gift of God, a companion, a support, he changes a statute.
Not reliable: W. M. Branham
Devastation of W. M. Branham; the sorrow he ate.
W M Branham
W M Branham
Benny Hinn - false prophet
Benny Hinn - Satanic for us. Wisdom of the demon. An evil teacher also.
Osteen is pure to him poor.
Jimmy Deyoung
Their head is Billy Graham.
Joyce Meyer
John Hagee clouded over the Lamb - For the terror; the sect from the people.
A pharisee is John Hagee
Ellen White - The heart embezzeled and kneaded. - False prophet. .
Sylvia Brown

Antichrist and Vatican
The Pope
The Antichrist, she will appoint
The Antichrist
The Antichrist is the ego.
They gave birth to the Anti-Messiah to burn a mark of religion. Appearance of one super-god, yes, from among prostitutes, was set apart. The crowd remembered the Devil.
Six hundred and sixty six is a code
Know: the Vatican is the Harlot
Vatican - Behold! The antichrist!
The dark Vatican inside my religion
The Vatican will be destroyed
Here it is, sheep! The Synagogue of Satan. Come to the Lord!

They will conceive that which I will smite; the "immaculate conception"!
To Him, Mary didn't commit adultery!
Mother of God
The mother Mary is not sinless.
Assumption of Mary? They have been deceived!
Rome is the prince of the demons!
They will deceive from the "Jesuit Oath"!
Catholic He dismissed. - They were found guilty; the Church went astray.
Tabernacle for you; Peter the Roman
Catholicism - Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.
Mary is the virgin for Yah.
Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary - Asheroth
Virgin Mary - enemies from Babylon
Virgin Mary - we burn incense to the Queen of Heaven
Who is Europa? Know! - The Queen of Heaven.
Virgin Mary - let not His mother's sin be erased
Know: the Vatican is the Harlot
A. Sodano; tremble
The Pope
The Pope
Razinger is impure, and came, came the end! - In the gift of the Euro is a demon!
Ratzinger is god to her - the cardinal will come code found in advance by Fab
And from their crown, yes! - And with a signal, Ratzinger, a weaver enough. code found in advance by Juan
Enmity of the speech - Ratzinger is a deceiver
Ratzinger - Benedict - A nazi depiction: satanic pride, he was stoned to death.
Ratzinger is evil for the faith
Ratzinger - Black Minister
And Ratzinger is offal; a half done fire. Quality of "Minister for the Chip"; and we mocked.

The Rapture; a creation.
"Left Behind" ruined them.
The abduction is a sign
Abduction (rapture?) in 2010
The Rapture in me, God, with repercussion, here I come, I return.
The Rapture (ecstasy)

Joseph Smith - My adversary is with him and he strengthened, defiled
A poison is Mormonism!
Mormon is a deceit!
Mormonism: To me the religion of the Beast!
He eradicated Mormonism; the enemy!
He destroys the Book of Mormon; worn out.
From his honeycomb is Brigham! - From the rectifier; a Mormon!
Joseph Smith

Decree of Gnosis. God is in them; He will instruct.
Gnostic Christianity
Hand of Gnosticism.

Jehovah's Witnesses
Buying of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Jewish and Israel Codes
The Falashas of Ethiopia He will keep.
Sefer Yetzirah. Poison, heart of the beast.
On 14th of May 1948
14th of May 1948
The State of Israel
State of Israel
State of Israel - Judah
State of Israel - Judah
And an important thing dwells here. Holocaust of the Holy Land? Did they cause the heights to be stricken? Impossible!

Against the lie; bring forth theocracy!
Feng Shui shall be wiped out
A light, Radiesthesia? No!
You will become desolated, her prophet, the bitter Siddhartha, glorified himself, they taught.
The Archangel is Your power.
The Archangel whipped you.
An oddity of the enemy is New Year's Eve
Samhain is Satan; in short.
A spirit. Samhain
Halloween is demonic
Halloween is demonic. You pollute yourselves with all your idols.
Death is in the movement of My Angels.
He took captive the British
My sign is a door of hope, in Me I will celebrate.
He despises the vanity of the Icon.
The founder of the Baha'i Faith regretted.
The Baha'i Faith were changed; for God shattered them.
A spirit deceived; near-death experience. - A demon devised.
A site which is Romulus for me, aliens and that one who is not.
The measurements of Astrology, to Him, are for the vomit.
Noah's Ark is upon the mount; the high places.
Insight of Noah's Ark upon the mountain. - In the end of days I will bring back!
Prayer of Bentley - he will do wrong.
T. Bentley, of Baal, is their lamp - Satan is the key of the door.
The Reiki is demonic.
A liberal, is Wellhausen
The virus of the people in me is fitting, they strayed; Wellhausen!
The Kryon is a demon.
God: Surely the Kryon is a demon!
You will cause to stray with the Kryon, a demon.
From God; Kryon is a demon.
All the Indigos.
The Emerald Tablets are of the demon, from the demon.
The image of Odessa he inherited.
The Mandylion
The Son will be allowed to be felt; Mandylion
The soul shall die - in the grave.
Death is "the future of man".
Aquarian Age
Sorcery is in it: occultism!
Shamanism is from the demon!
Polytheism is a mischief!
Pagan nation; demon for the mind - From my Scotland; Halacha not in them
Meditate spirit of wisdom and do not speak.
Spirit of husbandman lord laborer
Death, as a drop of her heart, descended; and He made the spirit of man, one fourth, and in their blood.
Lamp of the Lord
Naive rebellious teenager
Good for nothing rebellious teenager
The enemy, of the well of the Living One, seeing me coordinated.
From God: Reincarnation is wrong!
Yes, reincarnation is a fallacy!
Reincarnation is wrong to Yahweh.
He dreamed a fourth dimension. He saw them, from the flawless one; from Yah!
There is no Serpent Seed! Door of the evil one
Druidism; enjoyment of an evil knowledge, he made a religious ruling.
To Jesus, Valentine's Day is a horror.
Shiloh of Yah, make healthy in the core!
Manna from the wicked one. Psychology is a religion!
Divine Light, The Lord in vain, and even through poison the dead go for a walk.
Forever is the King; and he made a model.
Antiochus is the wrath put into effect.
Loot and what completion? From the scent: seal of Truth! Existence that trembles! Yah as guard.
The computer to harm, to Him Baal!
Zoophilia is a strong prohibition!
To Him Zoophilia is against.
Grand Canyon is a repercussion of all the water.
Lesbianism; I will be bold.
An enemy to me: lesbianism!
The sad experiment - Miller-Urey He stopped; a defect!
Investigation: The Mothman is a ghost!
All these to give at Rakhi.
Distort Santa! To hope, and his lamp shall be measured.
Work of the Pillar of Enoch; the light. Purity of the prophet.
Beautiful is the pyramid, a labour. - Behold! Deed of Enoch.
Communism, in truth?
I shall sit down as for the Thanksgiving.
They acquired the city of Petra.
Life after death.
Be vigilant! The "third eye" is a curse, a wickedness.
The "third eye" is like sorcery.
Wickedness of the "third eye".
Sunny is the land of Mount Sinai.
On the mount of the living: Jebel Hillel.
To prevent fornication.
Praise of the speech in tongues, listening!

Speech in tongues; blind vehicle of God.
To speak in tongue, the mouth is becoming the world, the god of the people, listening!

Elohim; they will gather. Circumciser return!
Metatron. Disposal of the code!
Metatron to rule.
Hypnosis, I will deceive; hands of the enemy!
Hypnosis of man. - You will cause harm!
Blue Moon; rectification characteristic.
Maya gambler sees shelf transport house - is it not 2012, the mischief smoking?
Like death, is the sin of man.
The Sign to lodge the warm praise, the Seal to be housed by hot praise.
Channelling is from the demon for the knowledge.
The sons of God are an army.
Great! We will not all sleep.
We shall all be changed.
A sign that she is in; my circumcized refused. - Embitterment in her hour, he is the God of her faith.
I shall sit down for the thanksgiving.
Indeed, flawless one, grant forgiveness necessary in me, from father God.
Hanukkah, as he changes.
Came god Enlil - you are Baal
Babylonian Anu; a god - proper forbidden idols; bitterness of your time.
And lamb, I did not create for you. God frees for us.
Codes about other religions
Buddhism is for the falsehood.
The wonder, of Buddhism, prevents knowledge.
The religion of man is fear.
A cult; the Indigo Children.
Nonexistance of the Chakras
The choice of karma.
The enemy of the karma is the ego.
Karma is demonic
The death indeed, alas the karma is wrong!
Wicca religion
Pantheism is despicable; and to us a lamp.
Not in Me! So is the New Age.
The Kaballah
The characteristic of The Kybalion is a lie
Atheism is a liar.
Theosophy - daughter of Belial
Meditation; negative aspects of it
The psychics/mediums
Mysticism codes
"New Age" codes
The Knights Templars

They went astray with the Koran!
The Koran - It will be revoked thus!
He made up the Koran!
The enemy of the Koran is powerful.
A deceit is Islam; the enemy.
Prophet Muhammad; you will cause harm.
This is the evil they concealed; the Koran He cursed!
The evil they covered: The Koran He cursed. - There is no Allah!
Messengers of evil. - Shadow of Islam
Father of the mark that is Islam; as the god Nu is the father.
Allah is the moon-god thus!
Allah God is unlucky.
Allah hates all.
Allah, God of distress.
For God an anti-prophet; Mohammed.
And no, Mohammed, I don't support a prophet for wrath.
It was established; Mohammed as prophet, and with them was an ignorance. For you a curse spelled i s l a m.
Many are the transgressions of the Mahdi. - A cult in him is the night.
Hand of the pride. - The Satanic Verses, from the climax I will know






Bible Codes