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Abstract: A more versatile statistic processing has been applied for evaluation of the importance of symmetry. Although carried out with a short, otherwise insignificant term, intriguing results have been obtained. The method appeared to be very useful for comparative studies. In the course of the research, new codes emerged, unifying the oldest archetypes of the Anointed One with one of the most characteristic representations of the coming Messiah set in the New Testament parables. Specific importance of parameters in addition to the R-Factors has been found in Bible code matrices.


Intricate Mathematical Relations indicating specific Importance for Year 5768 (2007/8) encoded in the Bible

Abstract: Highly significant codes about the president elect of Russia, Mr. Medvedev, have been discovered in the Torah and Tanakh. These codes generated other temporal codes suggesting high significance of the Jewish year 5768 and especially the Feast of Shavuot. Besides matrices, the codes include other parameters such as skip-values, expected numbers of occurrences of specific terms and the number of letters in the Tanakh. An intriguing ratio between the number of the days in a solar year and a fundamental physical constant has been uncovered hidden in the numerical values of the letters in the Hebrew alphabet. The role of feedback in the process of Bible code breaking has been emphasized, enlightening the similarity between this constructive process and quantum computation.

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The AD 2006 Torah Code: A Wonderful Tale of a Comet - Word doc

Abstract: Codes of high significance about a comet spectacularly shown up recently and an occultation of a star a rare event have been discovered in the Torah. In the course of research, codes about the Messiah have been revealed too. Special attention has been paid to semi-independent clusters of lower significance in larger matrices, which obtain a very high significance when examined separately. The role of hints in Bible code research has been discussed thoroughly. Although the code is pointing unambiguously to events happening in AD 2007, its designation has been kept as AD 2006 because of the post facto insight.


Mr. Shimon Peres - President of Israel - Word doc


From Genesis to Genetics and Back

Part 1: From Atbash through DNA to 666 - Word doc - Zip file

Part 2: Words, Flesh, and the History of the World - Word Doc - Zip file

Part 3: Solomon, His Throne and the Latter Days - Word Doc - Zip file


Bulgaria and the Holocaust - This is a really interesting study done by Lyuben Piperov from Bulgaria. Now also online here.
Lyuben has found there is a direct relation between how well a country looked after it's Jewish population during WW2 and Torah codes where that country's name intersects with "Israel".
He developed a method to quantify the comparison and also ran some other code trials to show the effect is specific to "Israel".
He also tells the story of how Bulgaria resisted the deportation of any of it's Jewish population.

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A strange relationship between France and Egypt in the Bible codes.


The AD 2006 Code:


The Rising of the Lord, the Time of the End, Number Nine and the Month of Av - Word document

2006 - The Writing on the Wall - Word Doc

A Statistical Evaluation of some items in the AD 2006 Code Matrix - Word doc - Zip file


Two Thousand and Six.





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